What People Are Saying

"Our world is desperate for men of integrity, commitment and courage. Attending Knights of the 21st Century has reminded me of my purpose and has affirmed in me the kind of legacy I want to leave behind." -- Josh Enck, Chief Creative Officer, Sight & Sound Theatres

"Knights of the 21st Century is revolutionizing the lives of men in our church. The men are noticing, their loved-ones are noticing and the community is noticing. The men are changing in ways I never could have predicted." -- Jim Whiteman, Spiritual Formation Pastor, LCBC Church

"I first heard about Knights of the 21st Century from my therapist who was helping me through some major marital problems. Looking for anyway to salvage my marriage I went with no major expectations. By the end of the 1st year my life has been changed and my wife and I have a better relationship than ever. I have changed from being a "spandex male" and am well on my way to becoming a Knight. My entire way of thinking has been transformed and I am becoming the Man that I can be proud of and that I want to be. This coming year I plan on having my 18 year old son join me on this journey of becoming a Knight." -- Jim Andreadis, Former spandex male

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