Our Team

The Organization

Knights of the 21st Century is a division of Pennsylvania Counseling Services. Pennsylvania Counseling Services (pacounseling.com) provides mental health and drug & alcohol treatment in a wide variety of settings in the Central Pennsylvania Region. Pennsylvania Counseling Services' mission statement is, "People are valuable, therefore PCS exists to help children, adults and families discover their greatness." The investment made in this material is to help males throughout the world understand, develop, and celebrate their manhood.

Our Team

Dr. Roy Smith, Author: Roy has worked for over 25 years as a psychologist/counselor to men and their families and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. During this time, he has come to appreciate the manhood journey, as many men have come into the counseling environment in order to better themselves. It has often been quite clear that many men would like to do what is right for themselves and their families, if they could understand the "how" and the "why" of the changes that are necessary and are coached accordingly. The Knights of the 21st Century program/organization has been developed to help men grow, lead effectively and thereby, change our culture. The tools provided through this organization are designed to help the men involved begin to see the beauty of their design, develop their giftedness, and to appreciate their Creator's presence.


Keith Walker, Key Presenter: Keith is the Director of Men's and Singles' Ministries and is on the teaching staff at Lives Changed By Christ (LCBC). Over the last seven years, Keith has taught more than 7,000 men the principles of manhood. He serves on the Men's Ministry Leadership team at LCBC as the primary presenter. His comfortable style of communication, personal humor and creative storytelling engages audiences of all ages and drives the hard-hitting truth home. He also has owned and operated several businesses. The combination of ministry experience and "real world" business experience enables Keith to effectively impact his audience.


Barb Sabo, Editor: Barb's gradually evolving role as an editor of the Knights of the 21st Century program materials had its beginnings on her front porch with a "pink pen" in hand. The men in her life are at various points of what this program defines as the journey to "Knighthood," including her father, her brother, her husband, and her son. The editing skills that are a "part of her being" belong to her Mom…and it is with love and hope that these skills are shared with all of the men who hope and aim to become Knights to the women in their lives.


Dr. Tim Undheim, Biblical Text Contributor: Tim serves as a missionary and professor in a graduate school and several seminaries in Manila, Philippines, where for more than a decade he has taught the Bible and its original languages. He has a Master of Theology degree from Talbot Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. During his Ph.D. studies he became proficient in ancient languages which he has used for research on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Tim's participation as the Biblical Text Contributor for Knights is a perfect fit as he has worked hard to ensure that the concepts described have an accurate Biblical basis. This process has led him to personally appreciate the impact of the message in each lesson and to anticipate that his work will assist men around the world in their individual, spiritual Knighthood journeys.