Knights of the 21st Century Overview



Knights of the 21st Century is a men's ministry program that churches and other organizations are using to motivate men. It compels men to change the culture. According to their own reports and those of grateful family members, Knights21 is changing the lives of men throughout the world.

This material uses the knighthood metaphor and a new language to call men to nobility in their thinking and actions. It motivates and challenges them to reach their potential in all areas of life.


Each year of the 5-year Heroic Man's Journey DVD/curriculum series includes:

  • 24 studio-quality DVD lessons with interactive options
  • 1 Workbook
  • Leadership CD with resources to help your group succeed
  • Small group leader's guide with 10 participant brochure guides 


We suggest this curriculum be used as a guide for a weekly men's gathering in a church, community center, business, prison, etc.


During Each Weekly Gathering:

  1. Open with a 15-minute warm-up that includes humor or games. This will help create a "manhood environment."
  2. Proceed to a live or DVD presentation of the lesson.
  3. Have the men break into small groups (campfires). This gives them an opportunity to talk about, internalize and apply the lesson. 


After Completing Each Year:

  • Encourage the men to complete and turn in a "Knighthood Plan"—a list of their goals and accomplishments which is designed to be used as an accountability tool.
  • Hold a graduation ceremony for the men who complete the journey, and honor each man by presenting them with a Dog Tag and Certificate.
  • Encourage their family and friends to attend graduation.