How The Knights Program Can Positively Impact Men In Prison

No man begins their life saying: "Someday, I want to end up in prison." Despite this, our prisons are filled with males who have failed to achieve their manhood potential. The culture continues to struggle with this waste of human potential as the cost of prison housing escalates.

No one enters the prison as an act of manhood.

Immature actions of males have robbed our culture of true manhood. These actions include:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug addiction
  • Sexual obsession
  • Domestic violence
  • Physical domination
  • Not providing for one’s children
  • Gang membership
  • Theft

Our present communities have failed to provide a safety net to catch the young males before they spiral out of control and make many wrong choices. The reality is: our prisons are full of immature males, not men.

The Knights of the 21st Century curriculum changes this depressing picture by providing males with the tools to achieve manhood even if they already have ended up in prison. As Knights, we believe that every man is of infinite worth and it is never too late to change.

Therefore, with the future as the focus, Knights calls these males into true manhood by:

  • Presenting them with a high view of what is expected of a man.
  • Helping them find a reason to believe in their calling of self-value and nobility of action.
  • Identifying and listening to their inner voice pointing the way to the changes required to become a man.
  • Challenging them to accept responsibility and develop a new pattern of choices.
  • Assisting them in changing the viewpoint of their previous life experience from victim to decision maker.

This program simply mentors males to true, noble manhood so that whether or not the inmates are released, they will contribute to their community, love their families wholly and be personally fulfilled.

If you are involved with a prison ministry and would like to learn how Knights of the 21st Century can help, contact us at 800-777-0305.