How Do I Start?

  • Assess your own willingness to change and commit to men on their life journey.
  • Click "Year 1" in the Knights Store and purchase the DVD set for Squire - The Training of the Knight.
  • Put together a leadership team of volunteers that will guide the men throughout the 24 weeks.
  • Appoint someone to host each weekly session and choose the teaching format desired. Most groups choose to use the DVDs, others teach the material themselves.
  • We have promotional materials available, many are free, to help you get the men in your church or in your community excited about joining you on this journey.
  • Once you determine how many men are joining your group, come back to the website and place your order for workbooks and small group guides for each individual. These materials will arrive in about a week, and you are ready to begin!
  • For additional help, please contact us at to receive assistance in establishing your program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As personal growth is a series of stages similar to an onion with layer after layer being pulled back to reveal the core, so also is the development of this material. The five year program is designed to build on the steps established by the previous year's material. Our goal is to layer a man's growth, so that each year takes him deeper and deeper in his manhood development and journey. However, it is possible for men to join at any stage or level of the program, as there is enough repetition and review of the main concepts that they will not be lost or confused. Veterans of the program are expected to help new men gain a grasp of the material in a way that solidifies their own growth and leadership progress.